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We take care of our tenants


Why you should rent from 3m1s

As a resident of a property managed by 3m1s, you can trust that you are renting our apartment with good value and wonderful community you will live in. We really maintain the high standard of the properties we managed, including public areas as well as inside of individual apartment units. We do have stricter rules and regulations for all our buildings to ensure we offer wonderful lifestyle for the community of individual buildings. We pride ourselves on our tenant service by interfacing with the property owner on your behalf so you can relax and enjoy your rental apartment. 


In today’s economy, very few people have perfect credit. What we look for when evaluating FICO scores is a credit history that makes sense. In other words, we take the tenant’s entire credit history individual circumstances into consideration when evaluating credit worthiness.

Yes. We have found that some of our best tenants are former owners who lost their homes to foreclosure.

Yes. A bankruptcy alone will not prevent you from qualifying for a rental home. However, if this is the case, you may be charged a higher than average security deposit if you pose a higher than average risk as a tenant.

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