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Understanding your needs and finding the right solution is our top priority when it comes to brokerage.

We treat each transaction as part of a bigger picture, a part of your plan. Once we understand what your objective is, we then formulate a strategy to get to the right solution. This strategy can often be straightforward to the end goal or it can have many barriers and complications which may result to us going back to square one.

We consider all possibilities, and then start drilling them down the list. We calculate the numbers, ask you a few round of questions, negotiate, then calculate the numbers again. We think outside of the box to bring the result down to the right price and create a winning outcome. That is how we treat our business and foster great relationships between us and our community.

3M1S is a full service brokerage firm:

We strive to provide accurate information to our principals, buyers or sellers. We understand that the role of the brokerage firm is particularly critical when it comes to providing accurate information about renting, purchasing and selling residential or commercial real estate. Therefore, we know that it is important to have a high degree of reliance for renters, buyers and sellers.

3M1S understands the essential features of the brokerage firm, which is to bring the parties together in an amicable frame of mind. With that said, we understand the role of due care and good faith in real estate transactions when it comes to fulfilling the purpose of the agreement. Therefore, we are your source for professionalism, trust, honesty, integrity and innovative solutions.

In real estate all is about building trust and connecting: 

3M1S management team knows about building trust and connecting. Each team member understands each team member’s role and knows his or her strengths and weaknesses from building trust. Trust is the key to our team’s success. Trust is what gets the team off the runway, so that we can fly high. Trust helps the team move ahead.

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